BlueBotics listed as one of Red Herring 100 Europe finalists

Red Herring_Finalist_smallWith its state-of-the-art nature feature navigation ANT, BlueBotics has been selected as a finalist for Red Herring’s Top 100 Europe award, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the European business region.

The Red Herring editorial team selected the most innovative companies from a pool of hundreds from across Europe. The nominees are evaluated on 20 main quantitative and qualitative criterion, which include disruptive impact, market footprint, proof of concept, financial performance, technology innovation, social value, quality of management, execution of strategy, and integration into their respective industries.

FM das Logistik Magazine

FM das Logistik Magazine reports about the FTS-Fachtagung that took place on September 28 in Dortmund, where our CEO Nicola Tomatis participated to the debate “The future of AGVs – AGV of the future: what will bring us the next 10 years?”  (PDF, German)

BlueBotics is part of the 20 most promising robotics providers

The business and technology magazine CIO Review has selected BlueBotics as one of the 20 most promising robotics solution providers 2016 for its game-changer product ANT®. (PDF, English)

Swiss Engineering RTS reports about Leo

The technical magazine Swiss Engineering reports about the successful collaboration between SITA and BlueBotics that resulted in the baggage drop robot called Leo. (PDF, French)

Automationspraxis article

Automationspraxis reports about BlueBotics in its special edition covering the AUTOMATICA trade fair. (PDF, German)

Robotics & Automation News interviews CEO

The Robotics & Automation News magazine interviewed BlueBotics’ CEO Nicola Tomatis about the recent successes of the company. (PDF, English)

Press coverage

Following BlueBotics’ press release about the hundreds ANT® delivered around the world, as well as the existing and new references, the press has published several articles.

AGEFI reports about BlueBotics

The economic and financial journal AGEFI presents BlueBotics in the first page of its edition of March 9. (PDF, French)

Usine Nouvelle reports about the 15 years of BlueBotics’ history

The French industrial magazine Usine Nouvelle reports about the 15 years of BlueBotics’ history. (PDF, French)

The press talks about BlueBotics

Following BlueBotics’ press release about the company move, the press reports in several countries.

MSM Interviews BlueBotics’ CEO

The industrial magazine MSM – Le Mensuel de l’industrie – interviews BlueBotics’ CEO Nicola Tomatis about the future of robotics. (PDF, French)

ANT driven on TV

Robbi - ANT drivenRobbI, the guide of the airport of Geneva, robo2, the professional cleaning machine of Cleanfix, and Evo the hospital logistics vehicle of Oppent receive TV coverage. What do they have in common? ANT®, the innovative navigation solution of BlueBotics.

Les robots sont parmi nous, RTS, 16.09.2014
Robbi, le robot de l’aéroport, RTS, 16.09.2014

VDI Nachrichten & mobile manipulation

VDI Nachrichten reports about manipulation, which is defined as the next challenge for robotics. (PDF, German)

Technische Rundschau reports about service robotics

The technological review Technische Rundschau reports about service robotics companies in Switzerland, and of course, about BlueBotics. (PDF, German)

ANT navigation and Stöcklin

AutomationsPraxis reports about ANT navigation and the newly presented ANT driven vehicle of Stöcklin, the first automated guided vehicle directly produced by the Swiss company. (PDF, English)

Swiss television talks about robots and jobs

BlueBotics’CEO Nicola Tomatis has been interviewed by the Swiss television about the relation of automation, robotics and jobs.The video is available here.

BlueBotics interview about Google’s move in robotics

DukascopyDukascopy TV interviewed BlueBotics’ CEO about Google acquisitions in the robotics field.  The video is available here.

BlueBotics interview about robotics and finance

DukascopyDukascopy TV interviewed BlueBotics’ CEO about the Robo-STOX index. The video is available here.

The future, in 3D

Le Temps reports about Fastree 3D, which brings its 3D camera on the market with focus on robotics. BlueBotics is convinced that 3D perception will play an important role in the future of robotics. (PDF, French).

Swiss quality presented at CeMAT 2014

The Swiss Lounge presented at CeMAT the benefits of the Swiss precision work for the industry.(PDF, German).
See the video here.

Automation & AGVs

The French magazine Supply Chain presents an overview of the automation based on automated guided vehicles (AGVs). (PDF, French)

Stöcklin launches its new vehicle with ANT® at CeMAT

Eagle-Ant, the new Stöcklin vehicle, is the most competitive AGV on the market quoted by Stratégies Logistique. (PDF, French)

New autonomous navigation with ANT®

Le Journal de la Logistique wrote a news about the two new BlueBotics’ systems: ANT lite+, used by Stöcklin, and ANT localization. (PDF, French)

Solutions Manutention relates about the AGV market

Solutions Manutention presents an interesting article about AGVs and presents BlueBotics as an emerging solution for navigation. (PDF, French)

Swiss Engineering reports about service robotics

Swiss Engineering reports about service robotics and, of creports about the ANT® product line as enabler of service robotics applications. (PDF, German)

Interfaces Logistiques magazine reveals the ANT success

BlueBotics’ technology is described in the french magazine about logistics. The collaborations with Oppent and Cleanfix are mentioned as examples of ANT success. (PDF, French)

ANT, navigation for mobile robotics

The success of the collaboration between Oppent and BlueBotics is reported in the Controls, Drives & Automation magazine. (PDF, English)

Swiss Engineering reports about BlueBotics’ successes in service robotics

Swiss Engineering present ANT, BlueBotics’ technology, that brings intelligence to autonomous vehicles. (PDF, French)

BlueBotics is growing

Bilan, the Swiss reference business magazine, reports the successes of BlueBotics with Oppent and Cleanfix. (PDF, French)

A complete folder about BlueBotics in Planète Robots

The Autonomous Navigation system ANT, Esatroll, Absolem, Gilberto, etc. They are all described in Planète Robots. This magazine details all BlueBotics’ activities. (PDF, French)

Gilberto and Atom in the Asia Today magazine

For its 30th anniversary edition, the Asia Today magazine features articles about today’s technological developments. Gilberto and Atom are cited. (PDF, English)

Industrial robot – Growing success

Following the conference organized by Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) on the impact of robotics in the future, the Swiss Newspaper La Gruyère interviewed Nicola Tomatis on mobile robotics. (PDF, French)

A robot guide in the airport

The airport of Geneva is testing a new ANT® driven robot guiding passengers to the restroom, ATM, baggage claim and other services. The spokesman of the airport stated: “If this test is successful, the robot should soon be joined by some brothers”.
This collaboration with the airport of Geneva is a perfect application of the ANT® lite navigation product, which easily enables new service robotics applications.


Industrial robots’ challenge

Swiss Engineering magazine interviewed Nicola Tomatis on challenges of robotics and BlueBotics’ activities. (PDF, French)

Press coverage of the new ANT lite

ANT® lite has been launched during the Hannover Messe in April. Here is our press release as well as some press coverage:

BlueBotics at InnoRobo 2013

BlueBotics was present to the Europe’s largest trade fair for service robotics. The Tribune de Genève newspaper reports on the trade fair. (PDF, French)

Interview of Nicola Tomatis

The company OdioVisuel has interviewed the CEO of BlueBotics for the Science Park PSE.

Nicola Tomatis, pioneer in robotics

The magazine Swiss News portrays the CEO of BlueBotics in its rubric “who is who”. (PDF, English)

Robots in human’s service

L’Emploi interviewed Nicola Tomatis, CEO, about activities, skills and successes of BlueBotics and automation. (PDF, French)

Guido, the city guide

An article about our new robot Guido in the Italian newspaper la Repubblica. (PDF, Italian)

ANT® entering the French market

BlueBotics’ ANT® product was presented in the French revue Interfaces Logistiques. (PDF, French)

InnoKick Award 2012

BlueBotics won the InnoKick public Award 2012 during the Business’ Day of CeTT on 26.09.2012. Innokick rewards promising technological innovation projects. (PDF, French)

300 most influential

BlueBotics’s CEO Nicola Tomatis was selected among the 300 most influential persons in Switzerland by Bilan. (PDF, French)

InnoRobo, the reference in Europe for service robotics

InnoRobo welcomed 12’000 visitors who came to discover worldwide innovative robots. Gilberto was present to guide and inform visitors. (PDF, French)

Small but powerful

The benefits of the ANT product are described in this article of Logistics Business Magazine. (PDF, English)

Release of the new ANT localization

ANT Box LocalizationOur new ANT® localization product was well received by the experts and the specialized press, view the following articles:

Robots do not kill themselves

BlueBotics’ CEO was cited in an article presenting the evolution of the robotics market with Foxconn planning to integrate a million of robots in China, and the service robotics sector growing in hospital, logistics and agriculture areas. (PDF, French)

Hacavie met Gilberto at Innorobo

The French association for handicapped people, Hacavie, was on tour at Innorobo and met Gilberto on our booth. They speak about their encounter with all the robots present at this robotics event on their blog. (PDF, French)

Italian Innovation and the Robolution

The famous high-tech Italian blog dedicated a post to the service robotics revolution, “Robolution”. Our tour guide robot Gilberto is cited as example due to its Swiss-Italian co-design. (PDF, Italian)

The wonderful world of robots?

Nicola Tomatis, our CEO was interviewed in the SwissNews journal for a paper titled: ”The wonderful world of robots?”. Nicola Tomatis speaks about the gap between the image of robotics and today’s real commercial applications. (PDF, English)