Shrimp – On Rough Terrain


Innovative kinematics

A passive structure is the key innovating feature of this robot: it does not need to actively sense obstacles to be able to climb them. Instead, it simply moves forward and lets its mechanical structure adapt to the terrain profile.

Overcoming made easy

With its ingenious mechanical structure, Shrimp III guarantees an incredible mobility. It moves comfortably in all kinds of challenging settings, overcomes vertical obstacles up to twice its wheel size and can even climb stairs!

A great research tool

Shrimp III is the ideal platform to develop navigation solutions for challenging environments
since only a little calculation power is needed to ensure the rover’s stability – most of which is naturally
performed by the passive structure.


Dimensions 639 x 428 x 278 mm
Weight 5.4 kg (with battery)
Payload 3 kg
Max speed 0.35 m/s
Stability 40° pitch, 40° roll
Interface RS232