Absolem – Surveillance & Rescue


Unmet overcoming abilities

Absolem is a research platform with great overcoming abilities thanks to its unique passive differential (patent pending), low center of gravity and high ground clearance.

Truly all terrain

Combining the best of spatial rovers and earth robots, this robot is comfortable on any terrain: stairs, rocks, gravel roads, forest paths and even in the snow!

Ready for your project

Designed for research in urban rescue missions and equipped with a large range of sensors, Absolem is now available for your own research project.


Total weight 30 kg
Speed max 2 km/h
Autonomy > 2 hours
Communication 802.11n draft
Optional sensors 3D laser scanners, omni-camera, IMU/GPS
Overcoming abilities 30 cm steps with rounded edge
40 cm gap
20 cm stairs @ 40° slope
spiral staircases
45° slope / 15° roll
80 cm x 80 cm cavities