Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The year 2014 has been intense, with the new product ANT® lite+, and many customer applications like:
EVO – Oppent, Robo2 – Cleanfix , EAGLEANT – Stöcklin.
We look forward for the next year, but now we just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

ANT driven on TV

Robbi - ANT drivenRobbI, the guide of the airport of Geneva, robo2, the professional cleaning machine of Cleanfix, and Evo the hospital logistics vehicle of Oppent receive TV coverage. What do they have in common? ANT®, the innovative navigation solution of BlueBotics.

Les robots sont parmi nous, RTS, 16.09.2014
Robbi, le robot de l’aéroport, RTS, 16.09.2014

VDI Nachrichten & mobile manipulation

VDI Nachrichten reports about manipulation, which is defined as the next challenge for robotics. (PDF, German)

SINDEX – Technology Exhibition

Sindex is the biggest technology exhibition of Switzerland. BlueBotics will be part of the show with the partners F&P Personal Robotics and GCtronic within the Swiss Mobile Robotics Consortium.

2-4 September 2014. Bern, Switzerland. Hall 1.1 Booth No. C04


Technische Rundschau reports about service robotics

The technological review Technische Rundschau reports about service robotics companies in Switzerland, and of course, about BlueBotics. (PDF, German)

ANT navigation and Stöcklin

AutomationsPraxis reports about ANT navigation and the newly presented ANT driven vehicle of Stöcklin, the first automated guided vehicle directly produced by the Swiss company. (PDF, English)

Swiss television talks about robots and jobs

BlueBotics’CEO Nicola Tomatis has been interviewed by the Swiss television about the relation of automation, robotics and jobs.The video is available here.

BlueBotics interview about Google’s move in robotics

DukascopyDukascopy TV interviewed BlueBotics’ CEO about Google acquisitions in the robotics field.  The video is available here.

BlueBotics interview about robotics and finance

DukascopyDukascopy TV interviewed BlueBotics’ CEO about the Robo-STOX index. The video is available here.

The future, in 3D

Le Temps reports about Fastree 3D, which brings its 3D camera on the market with focus on robotics. BlueBotics is convinced that 3D perception will play an important role in the future of robotics. (PDF, French).

Swiss quality presented at CeMAT 2014

The Swiss Lounge presented at CeMAT the benefits of the Swiss precision work for the industry.(PDF, German).
See the video here.

Automation & AGVs

The French magazine Supply Chain presents an overview of the automation based on automated guided vehicles (AGVs). (PDF, French)

Stöcklin launches its new vehicle with ANT® at CeMAT

Eagle-Ant, the new Stöcklin vehicle, is the most competitive AGV on the market quoted by Stratégies Logistique. (PDF, French)

New autonomous navigation with ANT®

Le Journal de la Logistique wrote a news about the two new BlueBotics’ systems: ANT lite+, used by Stöcklin, and ANT localization. (PDF, French)

Solutions Manutention relates about the AGV market

Solutions Manutention presents an interesting article about AGVs and presents BlueBotics as an emerging solution for navigation. (PDF, French)

Swiss Engineering reports about service robotics

Swiss Engineering reports about service robotics and, of creports about the ANT® product line as enabler of service robotics applications. (PDF, German)

CeMAT – The world’s leading fair for intralogistics

CeMAT2014BlueBotics will exhibit at the CeMAT trade fair for the first time on May 19-23 in Hannover. The company will present as world premiere the new ANT® driven vehicle from Stöcklin, as well as the new version of ANT® localization. You are welcomed on our booth H10, hall 27.
Additionally, our CEO Nicola Tomatis will take part to the forum “Swiss Precision for Efficient Logistics” at the CeMAT Swiss Lounge, hall 13, Thursday Mai 22, 16:00.

Stöcklin – Effective automated forklift

StöcklinSince 80 years, the Swiss Stöcklin Group offers innovative logistic solutions from one company worldwide to satisfy the highest requirements. The company now brings to the market a newly developed effective forklift automated with ANT® lite+. This product will be showcased as world premiere at CeMAT in Hannover!

ANT® localization – The simplest integration ever!

ANT_localizationANT® localization enters presales with its new compact format and aggressive competitive positioning. Designed for success with the simplest integration into your vehicle! You have the opportunity to put your hands on the new product at the CeMAT trade fair in Hannover.

Automatica – Trade fair for automation & mechatronics

Automatica2014BlueBotics goes back to AUTOMATICA in Munich, from June 3-6 to participate to the new focus area on Service Robotics. Evo from Oppent – the vehicle for logistics in hospitals – and robo2 from Cleanfix – the new cleaning robot for hospitals, hotels and shopping centers – will be showcased together with the whole ANT® product line. Our team is looking forward to meeting you on booth 538, hall A4.

Interfaces Logistiques magazine reveals the ANT success

BlueBotics’ technology is described in the french magazine about logistics. The collaborations with Oppent and Cleanfix are mentioned as examples of ANT success. (PDF, French)

ANT, navigation for mobile robotics

The success of the collaboration between Oppent and BlueBotics is reported in the Controls, Drives & Automation magazine. (PDF, English)

Swiss Engineering reports about BlueBotics’ successes in service robotics

Swiss Engineering present ANT, BlueBotics’ technology, that brings intelligence to autonomous vehicles. (PDF, French)

BlueBotics is growing

Bilan, the Swiss reference business magazine, reports the successes of BlueBotics with Oppent and Cleanfix. (PDF, French)

LogiMAT – Largest intralogistics exhibition in Europe

LogiMAT-2014BlueBotics looks forward to meeting you on February 25-27 in Stuttgart at LogiMAT, the largest annual intralogistics exhibition in Europe. We will present you plenty of innovations under the slogan ANT® is more… Come to see several live customer applications on our booth 140, hall 6.

ANT® lite+ – World premiere at LogiMAT

ANT-Box_Lite+Your vehicle, our navigation. BlueBotics extends the ANT® lite product to provide ANT® lite+, the navigation solution for simple automated guided vehicles. Automating vehicles has never been so simple with the localization, control and missioning lite of ANT® lite+. Come to see it at the LogiMAT trade fair!

Oppent – Logistics in Hospital

Evo_OppentOppent has developed a new vehicle for the logistics in hospitals, which is equipped with the ANT® navigation product. Through our traffic management, these vehicles are always ready to optimally deliver materials around the hospital. Come to see it at the LogiMAT trade fair!

Cleanfix – Professional cleaning

Robo2_CleanfixCleanfix is already successful with the ROBO 40s cleaning robot used for sport halls. Now comes robo 2, the new cleaning robot for hospitals, hotels, and shopping centers! Equipped with ANT® lite, robo 2 scrubs more than 2’500 m2 efficiently and extremely economically until it gleams! Come to see it at the LogiMAT trade fair!