Esatroll – Esalat600

Integrator: Esatroll
End customer: Cotton wire manufacturer, Italy
Installation date: October 2011



Transportation of pallets from palletizer to stock buffer.


  • Narrow corridors
  • 1100 pick and place positions
  • One vehicle to cover 1800 sqm

So why ANT?

  • When placing and taking pallets at a height of six meters, each positioning error on the ground is amplified. With its precision of +/- 1 cm and +/- 1°, ANT® insured the required position accuracy.
  • This site is going to grow and more vehicles are planned. However, for investment reasons, only two vehicles had to be installed first. ANT® installations are easily scalable and the investment for the initial vehicle is low because no magnets, inductive lines or reflectors need to be installed.
  • Even though the customer wanted to move pallets from and to every pick and place position resulting in a total of 1100 factorial missions, the smart missioning system of ANT® allowed to program the whole setup with five missions with parameters.