ANT is more...

ANT® is simple and robust

ANT® uses natural structures in the environment as reference for localization thus requiring no infrastructure (no need for inductive wires, magnets, or reflectors for triangulation). ANT® can also use simple reflectors either in combination with natural structures, or even alone, providing the best solution for your setup.

ANT is more

ANT® is quick to install

ANT® driven vehicles are quickly installed with the ANT® lab tool suite. Modification is even simpler. This makes all setups simple and economical to install and to maintain, no matter if it is a single vehicle or a large fleet.

Installation process

ANT® is industrial

ANT® combines information from industrial encoders and laser scanners to reach an accuracy of ±1 cm and ±1°. ANT® even uses the data from the safety laser scanners available on your vehicle.


ANT® handles obstacles

ANT® autonomously handles obstacles by either moving around them (obstacle avoidance), or adapting the speed to avoid emergency situations (path following).

ANT non sequentialANT avoidance